Nikon D5200 to be announced

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Re: Nikon D5200 to be announced

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Well I think features might not matter to some users (who simply won't know any better in most cases) Pentax to be fair to them do not cobble their lower end bodies,......................

........................The problem for the D5100 was it didn't add much over the 3 series. I doubt Nikon will do anything to correct that.

I disagree. They are predominantly entry level cameras. Built for to fufill 3 main goals - cost, image, and ease. The vast majority own 1.5 lenses = they have no use for more features. There are also those who have zero use for more features. DOF preview? For what, I have zero use for it - I have a good idea given the shooting parameters. Flash command? None, zip, zero zilch - almost never use flash. High speed sync? Again, zero use - can't fill @ 50 yards when at a softball game. Heck I have zero use for auto-ISO, there's a button for that & I can control all three shooting parameters....SS, ISO, and f-stop. Screw drive? Skip it, switched after AFS = I have no need for it & don't want to pay for it either.

Point? Different cameras for different needs. Both the 5xxx & 3xxx serve the needs of their market. The 5k line has a few features that seperate it from the 3k..........but if they combined them @ the same price point I'd be fine with it (& maybe the market would be also).

Funny you mention Pentax - 30(ish) years ago they were the "college students" (budget) alternative to Canon & the even more expensive Nikon...............these days it's Pen-who? What a success.

Sony? LMAO - yeah, can we name a business segment they haven't mucked up? If they aren't bleeding money in the camera division in 3 years it'll be a miracle (probably a first for Super Fail).

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