Considering A99? One week by a non-pro, jpeg only (Part 2) - AF Speed

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Re: Considering A99? One week by a non-pro, jpeg only (Part 2) - AF Speed

Michael Fritzen wrote:

Hi HK,

thanks for the efforts and the interesting and useful information provided. Much appreachiated.

If it is not asking too much, could you elaborate a bit over A99's performance in the base ISO range (ISO 200 - 400), ideally comparing with the A850/900 which are really good considering detail and colour rendition in that range.

On the potentially positive side of the A99 I see the newer sensor technology, the absence of a flapping mirror (micro blur), electronic first shutter, possible more accurate AF system.

On the potentially negative side I see the SLT mirror permanently in the optical path.

So the question is: Do you have the feeling that IQ is better on the A99 in the normal ISO range than it is what can be achieved with A850/900? I'm aware that the best way to determine this would be controlled studio shots - but frankly, Im tired of seeing those setups and the endless discussions if a certain fibre looks sharper in A or B or whether the whole testing is invalid because focussing wasn't spot on. I'd like to hear only some comments about real-world photography experiences.

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Cheers, Michael Fritzen

Dear Michael,

Thanks for interest. I would like to answer now since it is rather late in HK :).

My experience in comparing the base ISO is limited BUT you see noise in basal ISO in A900, even at ISO 200 and it annoying some times. TO me, I do not see them before ISO 1600 in A99 when I point it to the blue sky. Detail depends on resolution and I think A900 is good enough -- no complaints here and I have a lot of good detail shots from A900. In fact, DXO did not rated the A900 sensor too good for DR but in my daily shooting, may be I have tried to tailor to the high light, I can got lots of details on both range of the light from A900. A99 being new should be better but SLT lost light - better with A99 then with A77, at least that is what Sony said, will see.

Being an  SLT, A99 is much much quicker in focusing response though may not be more accurate but the OVF of A900 is very very good and I going to miss it, though extremely noisy making it unable to shoot in classic concert -- A77 is silent enough for my recent shooting of a classic concert, as quiet as my D3s in quiet mode.

I always tell people that the portrait setting for Chinese is BEST (we are already a bit yellowish) from Sony than from Canikon including when using  the Sony flash. SO, I am already verry happy with A900 and to me right now, I can only say is A99 is not worse but may not be better in control light without uses of high ISO that A900 can not fight against.

My advice is if A900 is good enough, stick to it. A77 however is a pain to use many a time to me who are not that "professional".

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