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Re: High ISO vs Low ISO

Good comments and observations Digirame. This is part of the reason why I post my photos here to provoke some thought and maybe some one will suggest, pick up on something that I would have otherwise overlooked or was not aware of.

Case in point is my use of the low ISO settings. maybe in my rushed and hasty approach while in Las Vegas I was not properly assessing my scenes. There is assessing and there is ´╗┐assessing!. ´╗┐ I think at the point in time I always make a point to have my ISO set at 100 and especially as I was using a tripod i though that would be great and I would have images with no noise etc etc. But looking back now I have a bunch of people walking around like ghosts. Whether this is photographically pleasing or not is a matter of opinion. I dont know at the moment but maybe sometimes in some shots it looks good in others it probably does not, but it was unintentional and maybe i was so concerned with ensuring my image was without noise and that I get nice light trails from cars that I did not explore the higher ISOs. I look at ur photo as an example and in hindsight i would have liked to see some of mine like that. There is one which I liked the feel of the burred people walking by but not all of them.

Just goes to show that it is imperative to take a step back and look at the big picture, no pun intended.

thanks Digirame and all for the comments and stopping by.

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