The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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I did send Nikon a couple of mail with this problem.

This first mail I sent with the photos of the scratches and they (not Nikon but the official local dealer in my country) just told me that Nikon has only informed them to do the sensor cleaning.

And so I did some search about this sensor cleaning thing, and found the local dealer is offering free sensor cleaning for D600 only.  And there were some people who heard the blowing-air machine working outside the cleaning room so I figured Nikon told them to do the cleaning to the entire mirror box.  Maybe the dust were already inside the camera?  I don't know, it's just my guess.

And the second mail I sent I've requested them to announce some statement, even something little to ease the customers worries.  So I advised them some topics to say about, such as this thread, the scratches, and the left-focusing problem on some cameras, and the dust/oil problem.  The funny thing is they told me to send photos of all the problems (how in the hell do I send photos of any left-focusing problem?) , and provide them the serial number of the camera as if they've never received such trouble-shooting mail before.

I just think that we might need a bigger action other than send them mails individually.

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