Will NEX get a f/2.8 standard zoom?

Started Oct 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: I beg to disagree

Probably I should rephrase my challenge. What kind of picture can only be taken with a zoom faster than F4 on a NEX?

I've never understood the appeal of photos where 90% or more of the image is out of focus, but there are people who like that stuff. However, those bokeholics have plenty of options already open: 3 F1.8 E-mount primes, legacy primes even faster than that, A-mount zooms which are F2.8, SLRs with many fast lenses available, etc.

Those of us who simply want Sony to offer even one portable, really sharp zoom have no options at all within the NEX system, and will continue to have none if Sony listens to the "fast lens" fanatics and makes the G zoom F2.8

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