Best Micro Four Thirds For the Buck

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Re: Best Micro Four Thirds For the Buck

MarcusBrody wrote:

Do you mean what is the best "cheap" m4/3 camera? It's hard to tell what the best is for the buck as people value price differently.

For me the best "for the buck" cameras right now are the GX1, the EPM2, the G3, the G5 (and probably the GH2). None of them are the cheapest cameras in the line, but they have newer generation sensors (in the EPM2, the newest generation) which perform notably better than the 12mp sensors in the earlier cameras.

One thing to think about, though, is how a camera will feel in your hand with a telephoto lens on it. If you're going to use a rather large one, you might want to try out different bodies and see how it feels. I think that I'd be happy using a EPM# or GX1 with my 20mm pancake, but I'm less sure with the 45-200.

I don't think that there is much difference between the Panasonic 16 mp sensor which is found in the G3 or GX1 and the older 12 mp sensor which is found in the older Panasonic cameras and the older Pens cameras. I have owned a Panasonic G1, then G3 and an E-P1, then E-P3 and finally have an E-M5. For me only the E-M5 ( and thus the E-Pl5 and E-Pm2) have a clear advantage over the older 12mp sensor.

I'd say that the E-Pl1/2 are OK for some one who is an adept of landscapes and still photography. For someone shooting candids portraits and playing children the E-Pl3, E-Pm1 or the G3 are better value because they are more reactive. The Panasonic are a little slow to empty their buffer, so they have an edge with resolution, but are at a disadvantage compared to the third generation Pens when it comes to burst shooting.

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