NEX-7 - World tour: Which lens to pick?

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Travel Kit Evolution

When I first got the NEX-5 back in 2011, my travel kit was the 18-55 Kit zoom plus the 16mm.  Coming from a P&S (Sony DSC-V1), I was very pleased with both the pictures and the portability of the system.
With few e-mounts lenses to choose from, I picked up a (large) number of legacy lenses, everything from various cheap SLR glass to alpha mounts (via LA-EA2) and rangefinder lenses (CV and Canon).  Yet while these gave good to stellar results around the neighborhood, none really consistently made it into my travel kit.  I just found that changing lenses often and doing everything manually was taking away from my (and my wife's) enjoyment of the vacations.
This really only changed when I picked up the NEX 18-200 and a second body (barely used NEX-5N).  Now my wife and I both carry cameras - she gets the NEX-5 with the 18-55 kit, and the 18-200 stays on my NEX-5N 90% of the time.  I'll carry a second or third lens if I have room, usually the Sigma 30 for portability, or maybe my CV 35 f/1.4 or NEX SEL 50 for low-light.

Now with the new lenses coming out, I think our 2013 travel kit will be:
- NEX-5N with 18-200.
- NEX-5 with 16-50 powerzoom (assuming it performs about as well as the kit zoom but in a smaller packege - may depend on if Sony offers a firmware update)
- And in the bag, the new SEL 35, and maybe something wide (SEL16 + UWA, or perhaps the CV 15/f4.5)

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