Suggest best m4/3 only to bring my FD lenes to life

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Re: Suggest best m4/3 only to bring my FD lenes to life

I'm going to go a little contrary to what seems to be the general consensus here, but unless you're getting a E-M5 (or probably an E-P1, 2, or 3), IBIS is probably a minor concern. Having shot FDs on both Panasonic and Olympus and SLR and rangefinder form factors, I'd suggest these factors as more important than IBIS:

(1) EVF. I find the EVF so much easier to achieve critical focus with MF lenses. EVFs are available on many m4/3 cameras, but it will be most economical to buy a camera with a built-in EVF, so that means E-M5, GH1-3, and G1-5.

(2) Ergonomics. Because FD lenses tend to be heavy and you hold the body with one hand while the other focuses, I'd suggest something with a decent grip. My opinion is the Panasonic G and GH series are almost perfect for this, though the OMD is fine with the optional grip. I think ergonomics trumps stabilization--I can achieve slower shutter speeds with my GH1 without stabilization than with a E-PL2 with stabilization.

Anyway, just a few things to consider.

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