The Zen of post processing?

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Re: Ancient wisdom on photography and post-processing

Thanks for encouraging posting! Mark: your wisdom, together with James’s advice, already made my life in front of the monitor a more enlightened one. Furthermore, I will consider Lightroom, and other advices. About monitor calibration – I agree, but was also considering the confusing fact that, in the digital era (to which I don’t protest (cf. “Who killed film”-thread)), there is no original, just different copies.

As another food for thought, I would like to share the following story, in which, if you so wish, “Ch’an monastery” might be exchanged to “Nikon D600”.

“One day, when the brilliant Chinese Ch’an master Chao-chou was sweeping the court of the monastery, a man asked him:
-Ch'an monastery supposed to be clean and pure. Why is there dust to sweep?
Chao-chou replied:
-It came from outside.
On another day, when the same thing happening, a monk asked him:
-Sir, you are a man of good understanding, why do you still have dust?
Chao-chou replied:
-Look! another dust again “

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