GH3 VS Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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Re: GH3 VS Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Wow!  Thanks for all the responses!!  You said some things I already knew, a few things a suspected, and a lot I had not considered. To answer the question about what I like to shoot:  Portraitfamily photos , and some vacation and sports shots as well.

It seems like the Mark III is a specialized camera that can fill it's niche especially well in the hands of a pro.  I am no pro I am a wannabe, so I probably will only end up with a heavier larger camera that I am less likely to use due to the size, weight, and abundance of buttons and menus.  Not to mention the learning curve for all the pro features - which I would really have to commit to learning to really make it worth my while and justify the upgrade price.  If anything, I would probably want to have a dual system with a GH3 and a Mark III - but that is just not reasonable for my budget and marriage lol.

I will be sticking with the GH3 and just enjoy the awesome features and benefits that it gives me over the GH2 and Mark III.  I love that the screen is going capacitive and not pressure sensitive - I hate that about the GH2.  I love the fully articulating screen on the GHX line (something that is lacking on the Mark III) even though I use the EVF 95% of the time, that 5% of the time when I need it, it is really nice to have.  I am interested to see how the wireless works - especially with the app.  I have used my GH2 for wedding photo booths (Here and Here) and I think that having a Iphone or Ipad in the mix would be pretty cool.  Also the ISO performance is appears to be improved as well.  So I think I will be happy with the upgrade and I already have my GH2 pre-sold to a friend.

Thanks again everyone for your responses - I loved the technical as well as the practical advice.


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