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Re: Aftershot Pro, PSP

bennito42 wrote:

Corel ASP might bge ok for some, but like it's "mate" CorelPSP X5, it doesn't open RAW files from Canon G1X correctly.Pics taken at wide angle zoom are vignetted and distorted. I have trialled LR4 and PE 11, without a problem. Try before you buy.

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Yes, I have seen you and Joan complain on this on multiple sites. I hope Corel will fix the problem, since the original team that developed Bibble is still in tact I hope it happens soon. But I agree, try before you buy to make sure. Corel sometimes takes a little time to figure out problems, they are producing a product for 50-80 dollars that Adobe charges a lot more for and Paintshop Pro for a long time has had features that Elements 11 does not have (whether these are needed, things like text on path, vector drawings, scripting batch file, layer styles, web graphic tools) as well as Elements new features like social media tools.

All but for a lower price. I remember running into a bug in Corel Draw 12 many years ago and it took several months for a service pack to come out an fix it. But they fixed it. It is a less expensive alternative to Adobe CS5 (not Elements) and lower price sometimes means you have to wait for fixes. If I had a G1X I probably would not buy this software and wait until they fixed the problem or use Canons software to convert it to something I could import into Corel. Not all is perfect but I have seen issues with Adobe and for that price you should not see issues but you do.

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