14mm or 20mm for the G5

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Re: 14mm or 20mm for the G5

If I were to only have one lens, it would be the 14mm - for me at least it is a great focal length, is a very lightweight and compact lens and works excellently as a walkabout and everyday lens.

In your situation though, I would probably opt for the 20mm - on its own I prefer the 14mm, but when you already have a 14-140 (or 14-42, 14-45, etc) it doesn't make quite so much sense - the 14-140mm covers the same focal length, and while the 14mm is faster, it also lacks IS which evens out the comparison. If I had the 14-140mm on the camera, is there much point in switching to the 14mm?

The 20mm on the other hand is an almost perfect accompaniment to the 14-140mm - it is a great focal length that sits in a great places for everyday use, but most importantly you get a significant advantage with the 20mm in terms of its aperture - so you get a few extra stops of shutter speed in poor lighting conditions, and better control over dof (especially compared to the wider angle and narrower aperture of the 14mm), so that would be my choice in your situation.

The other question of course is what focal lengths you prefer using most and how you want to use the lens - if you constantly find yourself at 14mm on the zoom, and want a smaller lens for ease of carry then perhaps the 14mm does make some sense. Obviously a lot will come down to your preferences and style.

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