Happy Halloween, Zombie style.

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Re: Happy Halloween, Zombie style.

Col K10d wrote:

That's a great fun image. The only worry, is, I suspect, that none of you had to change first. Not quite sure on who's side the cleaver wielder is on.

I'm not either
Tbh this was just some fun we were having, I originally got a loan of the smoke machine from a friend who runs a lighting company to shoot some circus stuff (as they came into town) but that never happened due to bad weather and lack of time.
So as I though I wouldn't have it for long (I still do lol) I asked my sister if she was up for doing some zombie make up and to grab a friend.
We went to my sister in law's house with a boot full of lights, stands, generator and smoke machine. She lives on a farm so I figured we could set something up somewhere around there and it turns out that I could go into the old work shop that no one has used in about 30 years. Its run down, full of bird poop and lots of old tool's and stuff laying around so was perfect lol.
Everything else was just made up as we went along, no models, no budget, no pre planning, just a help from some friends/family and a whole lot of fun.
I got a few good shots from the time we had there as well as an awesome dinner!.

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