A moment of reflection - my 4/3 replacement

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Re: Another perspective

I agree with you, the system is not exactly dead, but if anyone thinks the four thirds bodies will continue they are mistaken.  They aren't making them because people stopped buying them, plain and simple.  The grass is always greener crowd is seeking refuge with Canikon, thinking that will make them better photographers.

I think the company line right now at Olympus is that they will have A body for pros of some kind until a m43 (OMD variant I suppose), is capable of focusing those lenses as fast as the E5.

I sided with Olympus after being a Nikon user because for the money, Oly has the best glass.  Plus I can adapt ANYTHING to my Pen.

Also, anyone that thinks Canon or Nikon is taking the mirror-less market seriously is sadly mistaken. Their dabbling is only to prevent the massive hemorrhaging of sales to the PEN and Panasonic crowd.  While the Canon M is semi-decent, the Nikons with their teeny sensors are an insult to their customers.  And the fact they have their own flashes and you can't use the big-boy flashes is further insulting.  At least Oly allows even the E-PM1 to serve as a wireless flash control system.

I wish the OP the best of luck.  The camera industry will continue to thrive as long as people blame their woes on their equipment.

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