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I can't offer an alternative to Photoshop. Others have suggested Elements and I believe it now has layers. But as a Photoshop user you are probably used to all those nice little features like the healing brush that may or may not be found in other products.

I can offer you an alternative to Bridge. I use Photoshop and I've never been a fan of Bridge. I use FastStone Image Viewer for managing my photos. I can't list all the little features it has for making my life easier because it would take too long. But among the essentials: it can be configured quite easily to automate the downloading of photos from your camera while renaming the photos and placing them in folders. You can create lists of favourite folders to navigate quickly between them or copy or move images between them. Double-click on any image to get a full screen view of it, use your mouse's wheel to zoom in our out. The imiage's Exif information is a keystroke away, as is the histogram. A single keystroke will bring up your image editor with the selected photo already loaded. Comparing two or more images in a full screen mode is extremely easy. It also has some basic image editing functions and can be used to resize or convert images. And it also interfaces with your scanner and your email.

Finally, it's free. You are invited to make a donation to contribute to further development, but it's not required.... and no, I am not associated with the product in any way except as a user.


Had a look, and its missing one thing. In fact, so is the file organiser in Elements, and that's a 'reject' function. I have grown accustomed to the idea that you can tag a file in bridge as not worth doing any work to, but not delete it permanently. I haven't found a way to do that in Elements, and similarly I can't find a way to do that in Fastone. In all other respects, its great. Any suggestions as to one which has a reject function, or how to do it

Sure Lightroom has that. It 'also' lets you delete a photo from your catalogue but still retain it on your disk. I would maintain that Lightroom is a good 'sell' as an alternative to 'photoshop'. Photoshop Elements is the definition of a downgrade. LR combines the best of Bridge with Photoshop and many people much prefer it to Photoshop.

As a previous poster put it 'you cant do this' with LR 'cue spiral hieroglyphics' and you miss out on 'content aware fill' which is spectacularly cool but there you go.

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