Official EOS 1D X DXOMark score released: 82/100

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Re: what are you talking about?

mgrum wrote:

Is it nonsense even if it's true? If you were to take all the photos posted to flickr this year and sort them according to if they were shot below ISO1600 or above ISO1600, which do you think would be the bigger group? I would be very surprised if it was the above ISO1600 group.

Agreed, and even moreso with 500px.  Very few of teh truly outstanding photos are taken above even 800ISO.

Look, there is no question that we all love being abel to shoot at 6400 and higher and get quality images.  The fact that is if he 1DX is accepable at 100ISO then surely a D800 is acceptable at 6400.  In fact, comming from a D700 and 5D2, the 6400 ISO on the D800 is nothing short of stunning.  The same goes for the 5D3.  It has become the new normal.

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