Official EOS 1D X DXOMark score released: 82/100

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Re: My opinion; whether you agree with me or not is your business

"Except to do the drearily repeated "parlor trick" so loved by Sonikon boosters on this forum of turning up the shadows of a low ISO image by 4 to 7 f/stops, the need for the advantages of the Sonikon sensors, mainly limited to low ISO ISO DR, is not very great."

I am st‚Äčll astounded that otherwise intelligent posters like this one still negate dynamic range as nothing more than some party trick that involves pushing shadows. Has it ever occured to you that large DR actualy benefits all photographs in all situations?

Perhaps some peopel need an explanation as to how DR works for every day situations. Here is an example where the 5D3 is comapred to the Black Magic Cinema Camera. Even in low ISO daylight shooting situations, the DR advantage of the Cinema Camera means teh difference between blue skies and blown out white ones.

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