Official EOS 1D X DXOMark score released: 82/100

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Re: what are you talking about?

XeroJay wrote:

There must be a lot of NiTrolls here.

Talk about insecurity.  You've posted 4 of the first 6 comments here.

Listen, DxO ONLY awards it's scores on PEAK measured results. If they were based on average findings, then Canon would score much higher.

Wouldn't that be the case for the other cameras too?

Either way, thumbs-down it all you like, at higher than 1600 iso settings, the 1Dx currently has the best DR.

No, the D3s does.

In any case, I thin kyou need to calm down a bit.  There is no dispute that on the balance of features, the 1DX is the best body around.  All that should concern you is the pictures you are getting with it, unless you are concerned about it's resale value or you have shares in Canon.

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