1DX DXO Mark Out - Scores Higher than Nikon D4

Started Oct 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
t.c. marino Contributing Member • Posts: 663
Re: It's not in the top 10...

i use prime lenses on the d3200 with excellent results i shoot primarily with d700/d300s....getting back to canon,most of my colleauges are canon shooters(5d2,5d3,1dmk4)and they produce impressive images with their canon gear..they dont pay attention to dxo scores..the 1dx is a beast ..played with one at b&h and was very impressed with it,top notch build quality and SUPER FAST AF...my d700/d300s have great af..but this new canon SMOKES THEM..well done canon..wish i could afford the 1dx,i like it more than the nikon d4..a great camera as well

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