Help pick: 2012 Mini Ivy Bridge i7 Quad mobile vs. 2011 iMac 21.5 Sandy Bridge i5 for Aperture/PS

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Re: Help pick: 2012 Mini Ivy Bridge i7 Quad vs. 2011 iMac 21.5 Sandy Bridge i5

Thank you both, both good answers. I hope a few more will chime in.

I read the benchmarks, mostly the CPU ones re the 2012 Mini today, and they are just off the charts. Stopped in the Apple store and while pressing the mini on display, another customer came in saying that his 6 yr old Mac Pro was dying on him and he was in the middle of a project (this was a professional video editor) working on FCP (old and x versions). He was also debating whether the new mini i7 would be good enough for him (although he owns only concerned with the next 12 months, I'm guessing he's waiting for the new Pro).

The store rep thought that he was really going to be pushing it to try to use the i7 mini for this purpose, but he bought it anyways to try it out. They both agreed however that from photography the mini was going to do great. Long story Webern we both walked out with a new i7 mini to test out for the next 14 days.

So far tonight I've restored my TM backup to it and started messing around in Aperture. It needs more ram, clearly! And I plan on picking up probably 16GB myself. I can hear a lot of HD access but I'm guessing that's the lack of ram/caching. I'd love to see what this thing will do once loaded up on ram. But even so, Aperture is flying.

The CPUs are barely hitting 20-30% max, I've seen 4 of the 8 cores really work so far. Only during one OS operation, maybe some software update did i see them all kick in.

Im going to test it out but so far I'm impressed!

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