Zeiss 12mm vs Fuji 14mm

Started Oct 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: The Zeiss won't work with the OVF

I also believe Zeiss will provide very good lens and this time with autofocus ! but I agreed also they will not fill any gap in the fuji lenses roadmap. this is why the key question remains : how to choose between the 2 lenses, I am not planning to buy these 2.

I think we got an agreement that the Zeiss will not work with the OVF. I am still unclear how the current 18mm is working with the OVF (I got only the 35mm currently). any feedback here?

Also just recall that Fuji is also planning to release a 10-24mm f4.0, maybe at the same time Zeiss will release this 12mm. then another dilemma. (this is also maybe why Zeiss is pushing hard to deliver it in spring compare to summer time as previously forecasted. The wideangle lenses offering for the XPro1 & XE1 will be pretty complete within a couple of months ....

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