My Fountain Pens recently won on e bay! Beginner's Luck!

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Re: My Fountain Pens recently won on e bay! Beginner's Luck!


You have what looks like a vintage, 18K filigreed gold cap and tube fountain pen with a retractable nib. I don't know what it is exactly because that pen is way out of my league, but it is probably very valuable and should be carefully researched. You can do this by asking for help to identify this pen on the Fountain Pen Network online Forum. Someone there is bound to know something that will help. Go here    and register, it is free and as a member you can post these beautiful shots and description. Before you do I would go over the pen again, this time with a jeweler's loupe to see if you can find any other marks of any kind no matter how tiny. I took a look around on the net and pens like yours and not as good as yours go  for prices of 5000 to 16,000 dollars, gold prices being what they are, I think $1,730 a troy ounce. Whatever you do, get it appraised by a reputable appraiser and then insure it for what he tells you. I know there are fountain pen hospitals that can repair pens of all kinds back into working order, which would make it even more valuable. Your Dad probably picked it up when gold was a mere $35 an ounce so you can see how that escalates with present prices.

Let me know what happens please. Let me know here or send me a private message.

All the best and good luck too


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