is a pen tablet preferred to be used over a mouse with photoshop and LR?

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Re: is a pen tablet preferred to be used over a mouse with photoshop and LR?

When I started living from doing graphic design in the middle of the 90s I quickly changed from mouse to a pen tablet, but mostly because it was not so hard on my arm and shoulder as using the mouse. The pen tablet seemed easy and natural to use for me from the very beginning no matter if the pen tablet was a cheap one or not – but if it doesn´t seem easy for you I guess it´s not the right tool for you and if you´re not doing some very precise masking or painting in Photoshop it´s not needed. Nowadays I don´t use a pen tablet anymore cause I´m always doing photos on my laptop and I like to use the track (can´t remember the right english expression for that) and as you may see if you check my gallery – which btw have not been updated for a long time – that I mostly do photos with a painterly look and for that you don´t need to be so precise – anyway I think life is too short to care about getting every pixel right!

PS: if you like the mouse and still wanna give the pen tablet a chance, then make sure to change the pen to work as a mouse – it makes it a lot easier to use but not as precise of course

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