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High school economics

When any much-anticipated product is first introduced, the supply is low and the demand high, so the price is high. Was that the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade? Forgot the year, but learned the concept.

When the Mazda Miada was introduced, the MSRP was intended to be $12,000. Demand was so high and supply so low initially that early buyers paid $30,000 or more to get one. Stupid, but true. The MSRP never did get as low as originally planned.

Canon wishes they were so lucky.

The 5D3 has not fared very well against the D800. Canon has reached full production, in anticipation of demand that has never materialized. The only way to keep their factory production going, is with significant price drops.

I personally don't think that even a $500 drop will be enough, and the price of the 5D3--and the new 6D will dip much farther, much faster than previous Canons ever have before, to adapt to the new market conditions created by Nikon and Sony. Patient, educated Canon users will get their cameras at the correct price.

The only ripoff you experienced was self-inflicted, by your stunning lack of even the most basic research; people talk about the cost of early adoption ad nauseum in blogs and in articles all over the place. You should be disgusted by your own ignorance and lack of due diligence in such an important purchase.

Early adopters make a purchase with 'eyes wide open,' because their profit from the immediate adaptation is higher than the extra cost of the premature purchase, or they have disposable income that allows them to buy whatever they want, whenever they want it (with no qualms about price drops.)

Most of the rest of us buy when it makes sense.

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