A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 and the "look of the noise"

So, this is another aspect to think of, it's not just the "amount" of noise that's important, but also the "look" of the noise, as you also referred to in your post.

And the "look" of the noise is chosen when setting parameters for RAW to jpeg conversion. With the A65/A77 there will be a bit more work to find a set of parameters one is happy with, but the chroma level can be lowered to the same level as the A57, and then the noise will look very similar.

But then, the A37/A55/A57 images also need some improvement in raw to jpeg conversion to look their best, so this search for a good setting to use is not unique.

The "look" of the noise is mutable. It's something which can be easily changed without altering the information content of the image. Default settings are a starting point and are generally worthless for image comparison since they are not designed to produce optimal (or even comparable) output, only to get an image through the processing chain without destroying it too badly.

My A37 images require pretty heavy processing when I've shot at high ISO, and I've automated that in LR4 to be one click for results I find useable. They will not please the 200% pixel peeping crowd, but the real world places very different demands.


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