A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

sensibill wrote:

When simple OOC images before heavy processing is the 'lie' and obfuscation

There is nothing "simple" about OOC images, as you yourself consistently show by not even managing to link to images with equal exposure. As in the very comment here.

Obfuscating by showing images with differences owing to multiple parameters and claiming these differences are inherent to the cameras is the desperate tactic of someone who has run out of technical arguments.

heavy processing and theoretical excuses owing to minor variances are the 'truth'

If you consider pulling a tiny bit on a slider to equalize chroma content (both color and noise) "heavy processing" you're definitely in the wrong hobby. High ISO photographs viewed at 100% will always require processing to look anything like low ISO photographs in good light - that is the laws of physics, and we can't cheat those.

In the case of the A65/A77, as you have been shown (but not understood) the overall chroma level is different from that of the A57. This is easy to adjust, and as Phil showed above reveals that the visible chroma noise is mostly an attenuation matter, not some kind of crippling amount of destroyed information as you consistently argue.

It's important to remember that this can be done in raw to jpeg conversion so does not involve any information destruction. The choices made in the cameras are different, the amount of information contained in the images is not.

I think I'll take the lying evidence shown below.

This has started to become very clear. Mere fact does not get in the way of your opinion.

You know, I think you have the old adage wrong - the best defense is a good offense, not just being offensive.

If you are trying to be clever you are failing.


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