from 5d I to mirrorless

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Re: I still prefer canon rebel to mirrorless

Antonio_2 wrote:

It's cheaper, it's lightweight but with better handling and you have a better choice of better quality and cheaper lenses.

A mirrorless with a VF is very expensive and then you get these 18-55 4.5/5.6 lenses with limited DOF, you spend much less buying a canon xxxd (great deals on used bodies) with tamron 17-50 wich is constant 2.8 with better IQ and DOF and it's ultraportable anyway. When I want best portability I just use 450d with 17-50 if I can carry a bit more I add 10-22 and 55-250, it's still a lightweight setup but gives very good images. If I want best IQ I use 5d1 with L lenses or primes. The canon APS body can also work very well with lenses you already have.

IMO mirrorless is not mature product yet, aps DSLRs have better price/performance ratio and are quite travel/hike friendly.

I'm sensitive to that argument and I've been tempted a few times to ditch my micro-four-thirds system and buy a light Canon APS-C as a second system instead. The advantage would be being able to use all my L lenses on it as well (free extender!)

However, thinking of what I'd need to even roughly approximate what I have with my MFT system (ultra-wide zoom 9-18 + pancake fast normal 20/1.7 + portrait 45/1.8 + fisheye 7.5), the Canon APS-C system would be almost twice the weight and three times the bulk.

If Canon releases a few more high-quality compact and light lenses for the EOS-M system, I'll definitely reconsider. However, at the current rate it will likely take many years for it to get anywhere close to MFT, and in the meantime I'm taking pictures...

On a separate note: price is not a major issue for me, but if you are more price-sensitive there are plenty of deals in MFT. It's true that the new models can be expensive, and some of the lenses are as well. However, Canon prices don't vary too much: they seem to manage their supply chain and stocking levels very well to avoid too much surplus of a previous model when a new model is introduced. On the other hand, with MFT you can always find great deals on previous-generation gear (which, given its current fast product cycles, means just one- or two-year-old models).

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