Rejected for being blurred? I think I have lost the plot with this one :)

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Re: Ok, OK its rubbish.

I've submitted a few aviation photos to that same website and all were rejected.  They rejected one of a Southwest Airlines 737 for being overly sharpened.  I sent it back with an explanation and a question - it was shot using raw and no sharpening was applied, even in ACR, so does that mean my lens is too sharp?  Got a response that made no sense at all.  Thought about blurring it a bit and resubmitting but didn't want to degrade the image.

Submitted one of a corporate jet landing that was rejected for not being sharpened enough.  I redid it adding .1 more units of high-pass sharpening (very slightly noticeable at 100%) and it got rejected for over sharpening.

Apparently there is more of a secret than just have an outstanding image...haven't figured out the secret yet.  If their turn-around time was faster it would be easier to figure out the secret formula but when it takes 1-2 weeks to get results you tend to forget just what you did to an image.

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