Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

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Win8 Ultrabook Lenovo Yoga 13 == AWESOME

My wife's Dell Studio 15 laptop melted down two weeks ago just in time for the Win8 computer rollouts.  Of course it was also just 2 week after the 2 year accidental damage warranty expired!!!  So we went laptop shopping over the weekend and were lucky enough to by what might be the LAST Lenovo Yoga 13 notebook available in Washington State.  Best Buy is carrying this computer and they are now Sold Out everywhere.

It's a 13" ultra book with a touch screen that has a 360 degree hinge.  Core i5, 128gb SSD, USB3, 1600x900 pixel excellent screen.  It is really awesome and my wife is in love with it.  It's a full blown Windows PC, Laptop, and you can fold it in to about 4 really useful poses, hence the Yoga.  I am experiencing major league computer envy now.

This computer really shows off the potential (and reality) of Windows 8.  You can do everything you did with Win8, but you have this entire new touch driven experience that makes everything better.  All of the old "inbox" games from Windows have been removed and replace by new Metro apps from the Store.  Solitaire, Minesweeper, etc plus Angry Birds and hundreds more.  It too my wife about 2 minutes to install a Solitaire game and get busy in touch mode.

I promise you all that once you or your friends get a touch PC like this one, you are going to forget about all of this Start Screen anxiety and start to make your Mac Head buddy jealous!!!

Read some of the customer review at Best Buy if you don't believe me.  (Yes, Lenovo make some crazy partitions on their config, easily fixed with Disk Manager.)

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