Old or new x 10 from 42 st photo

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Re: Old or new x 10 from 42 st photo

Oh, I can help you out here. I went through this with them (42nd St) two weeks ago.

I am almost certain you have a Hong Kong model. If you check the box, it probably has no serial number sticker on the side and/or the number on the box does not match the number on the camera. I bought an X10 as well and also received one with a 7-digit serial number starting 98 (I wonder they sent you the one I returned). I asked Fuji USA about the serial number and they said that no North American market cameras have that kind of serial number sequence. I also did a little internet research, and the only reference to that sequence that I could find was from someone who said they bought the camera in Hong Kong.

I called 42nd St and told them that Fuji USA did not believe it was a North American model, which they vehemently denied. I told them I didn't particularly care where it came from, because a grey market camera was probably fair for the price, but that I wanted some assurance that they would take care of any repairs during the warranty period. (In these grey market situations the reseller doesn't actually repair the cameras, but instead sends them in bulk back to the purchase market for proper warranty service there.) They agreed to email me a receipt for a 1 year "store" warranty.

I was at least somewhat satisfied at that point, but I felt they were deliberately misleading people on their website (it explicitly says their products come with "USA warranties"), so I wrote a review on resellerratings describing my experience and warning people that the operation was grey market. Within 30 seconds of writing the review (quite literally) I received a phone call from 42nd St regarding my review. We had a discussion about what the definition of grey market is (he said grey market means the product has no warranty whatsoever, whereas their products are covered by the store warranty—I said the term refers to a product intended for sale in one market but sold in another) and I refused to change the review. He then agreed to send me a North American market X10, while covering the return shipping cost of the one I needed to return, if I agreed to change my review to 5 stars. I, being a somewhat amoral individual, agreed and changed my review. I now have in front of me an X10 with a proper 21A serial number (although I suspect it was a display model, due to slight wear on one spot). I checked the serial number with Fuji USA and they said it had not been previously registered, so I at least likely have Fuji USA warranty coverage.

To sum up, here are your options:

- keep the camera but demand they document that they are warrantying the camera (because Fuji won't)

- simply return it

- try to get them to give you a North American model

Writing a review to reselleratings really got their attention (include your order number), so I would advise you to do that. The guy even agreed to give me a free battery and memory card in addition to the NA model, although they didn't send me those ...

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