Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

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Win+Q my friends

Jeff Peterman wrote:

I can do all those things with Win8 easily - that's what it was designed for. But try and run a program that doesn't have an icon on the Desktop or on the Taskbar, if you have a lot on your PC. For example, you can use the tools in Win8 to show all programs (right-click on the new screen and select All Apps), but when I do I get so much stuff that I can't find anything - and that stuff never appeared on the Win7 Programs list. Win8 has a search tool, but it is worthless if you don't know the name of the application, as was the case with my scanner utility.

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Jeff Peterman
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You are a few Hot-Keys away from proficiency.  Win+Q brings up the "All Programs" view.  You can also Right-Click at the Start Screen and there is an "All Programs" button you like the mouse interface.

Really not that hard....  Personally I HATE the Win7 Start Menu.  It's like playing one of those annoying maze games with the ball bearing inside.  You have to trace the mouse path through the menu and if you slip up the whole thing disappears and you have to start over.  The Win8 full screen Start interface is WAY better.

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