A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 and the "look of the noise"

sensibill wrote:

Rob, I really think it depends on the print job, relative ISO involved and what your definition of 'roughly equal' would be. For you perhaps there's insufficient difference between the two even before resampling and subsequent processing? There's also your own comfort level with Lightroom or other PP app to consider, so I can't make that determination for you.

This discussion mainly centered on whether higher ISO noise favored the A57. While I maintain it does, others believe that you need to factor post processing. After doing some of that myself, I found you can mitigate a decent bit of the 24MP chroma noise but are still left with some blotching and luma spots that still sets it a bit apart from the A57.

I'd say that's another discussion and I certainly don't care to perpetuate it any further here, but if I really had to guess it sounds like the difference wouldn't be sufficient to be a major factor for your particular application. I could certainly be wrong on that, so I'd suggest downloading Imaging Resource and DPR source samples at ISO 1600 and up and futzing with them in the processing app of your choice in a manner that most closely matches your workflow.

Good luck!

Thanks Sensibill for a sensible reply!

"Zackiedawg" recently made this interesting observation about the "look of noise":

"Whether JPG or RAW, I find judging the look of the noise to be much more important than the amount of it, and how the NR deals with it.  I always strongly favored the fine-grained, uniform, luminance noise profile that the 16MP APS-C sensor produces, and did have a bit of a problem with the chunkier, more chroma, blotchier type noise that the 24MP APS-C sensor produces.  When it came to noise reduction in camera, the blotchier and more chroma noise is harder to remove cleanly, which I think is why there are often so many complaints about the A77's high ISO look in JPG."


So, this is another aspect to think of, it's not just the "amount" of noise that's important, but also the "look" of the noise, as you also referred to in your post.




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