Tamron 24-70 vs. Nikon 24-70...Worth the price difference?

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Re: Tamron 24-70 vs. Nikon 24-70...Worth the price difference?

Jose Rocha wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

I'm sorry, but this is simply not true. There is absolutely no noticeable differences in "tonal graduation" and "color pop." Bokeh was about the same. As I still owned the Nikon 24-70 at the time I "wanted" to prefer the Nikon, but the Tamron was really in the same league overall. You'd really be picking nits to choose one over the other for IQ.

Sorry, but there's no way you can say that both are equal at least in tonal gradation and bokeh. Bokeh at least is easily visible, and tonal gradations require more observation. The "pop" thing is subjective, I guess, and can vary depending on your picture control.

I tried the Tamron before and in the end I preferred the Nikkor because it was a better product overall (IQ, build, compactness, AF), and didn't like the zoom ring stiffness on the Tamron and the filter diameter. I wanted to save some money buying the Tamron over the Nikkor, but after playing a few days with the Tamron I am glad I returned it. For the money I spent on the Tamron I was expecting more, although the VC can be a big plus on occasions.

There is nothing in the way of coating differences or any other "magic" detractors that effect tonal gradation between the Tamron and the Nikon. This is utter nonsense. There are plenty of comparisons between the two and I doubt anyone could pick which lens took which pic. It takes a good amount of pixel peeping to spot the differences, which have no real-world effects on picture taking. The Tamron was strong in some respects as was the Nikon, but both gave VERY high quality images. The Tamron has VC which means there are shots it can take that the Nikon cannot; pure and simple.

Even if they were the same price I'd still view the Tamron as a worthy choice.

As for the bokeh, I was never in love with the Nikon 24-70 bokeh, so I didn't notice if the Tamron was worse.


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