Is Panasonic Doomed? Massive Losses!!

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Re: Is Panasonic Doomed? Massive Losses!!

Panasonic cameras doomed?  Probably not, but they could be doing LOTS better. Their marketing is awful! They unveil their newest innovation as the annual Photokina (like everybody else), but fails to capitalize on the initial buzz by actually getting the product to market where people can buy it!

Distribution: The FZ200 is an outstanding device, but how many retailers actually sell it? Where I live, withing 30 minutes, I can be at 3 stores where i can actually handle and play with a Canon SX50. Where can I do that with a FZ200?

Pricing: The FZ200 has been basically nuts since it came out.  MSRP in the US is $600. The early gotta-have-it adopters will pay that. A month or so after it came out, it dropped to @ $550 (Amazon and B&H); then back up to $600. Two weeks ago, back down to $550 for a short while, as of 10/30/12, it's back up to full-bore retail at $600.   Is the FZ200 REALLY worth the $100 or so premium over the SX50 (which has been fairly consistent at the $450-$475 rang for several months).  That is an individual decision to be sure - bur Panasonic doesn't make it any easier!

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