There is a lens still missing on m4/3 ...

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Re: There is a lens still missing on m4/3 ...

sigala1 wrote:

_P wrote:

Quite simply the equivalent of Zuiko 14-54 or 12-60 is what I am missing in the m4/3 system. The new Panasonic 12-35/2.8 does not appeal to me for two reasons: cost and focal range.

It might be very well that I am spoiled by the 14-54/2.8-3.5 on my E-1 which was just about perfect combination of cost/max-aperture/focal-range. Can't really imagine myself loosing that MUCH light by moving to 5.6 or 6.3 type of zoom lens...

The E-M5 has such VASTLY BETTER high ISO, that you will get much better low light photos with the kit lens on the E-M5 than with the 14-54 on an E-1.

But if you want a modern camera with a big heavy lens with the same zoom range, I recommend you get a Nikon DSLR and pick up the excellent very sharp Nikkor 16-85mm VR DX lens.

Nikon DSLR with Nikkor 16-85 is not the same as EM-5 with a m43 version of 12-60.... and also,  adapter + 4/3 12-60 is bigger, heavier and more expensive than a  m4/3 version of 12-60 would be. Which means precisely that "There is a lens still missing on m4/3"

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