Conventional digital cameras vs smartphones

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Re: Conventional digital cameras vs smartphones

Draek wrote:

I didn't say anything about your skills, I said that you should've pushed the ISO setting higher then used NR to clean up the noise, be it through a separate program (like NoiseNinja) or on the camera's own settings.

I've done the comparisons myself, and neither my brother's Samsung Galaxy nor my friend's iPhone were a match, in terms of detail or colors, to my mother's Fuji AX250 or my own Canon A1200, neither of which costs more than $100. Against an SLR? that'd just be mean.


The iPhone sucks as a camera phone, not too sure about the Samsung Galaxy. Hence, it doesn't come as a surprise to me that your mother's Fuji AX250 or Canon A1200 which costs less than $100 produced better colors and detail than both mobile devices.

Having that said, have you tried the Nokia N8, or better still the Pureview 808? I believe the N8 will be superior to both AX250 and A1200. The Pureview 808 will beat any point-and-shoot cameras up to $350 in image quality. Only thing is the device itself costs more than $500.

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