Macbook pro, 13.3 or 15.4?

Started Oct 4, 2012 | Questions thread
OP Gary 172 Forum Member • Posts: 58
Delayed response-apologies and thanks!

Hi all and big apologies fir not getting back sooner-I thought the post had been deleted and I wasn't getting updates to my email that here had been responses.  So I'd like to thank you all for your input.

I have actually hired a 13.3 and it seems to be just fine.  Size wise I would say it is OK to work on. Spec wise it s a low soec machine.  Next week, I'll hire the 15.4 and see how I go.  I totally get what most of you have said about how the 15.4 operates and offers greater speed and efficiency.  Also the anti-glare screen is a big factor.  However, for the kind of work I'm doing, it exceeds my needs at the moment and the litte 13 seems pretty nifty and highly portable... But as one of you pointed out, lay the two machines on top of one another and the size difference is not that much at all... Hmmm food for thought indeed.

Thanks again and apologies for the delayed response!


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