Official EOS 1D X DXOMark score released: 82/100

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My opinion; whether you agree with me or not is your business

Here's my opinion on this tremendously anticlimactic DXO report: it is both entirely predictable and almost irrelevant to the 1Dx target market.

First of all, if you thought DXO would have rated the 1Dx sensor differently, you have little understanding of what Canon can manufacture at this point on their full-frame sensor fab line. The results were always going to be very close to the 5D3, with a little boost to the high ISO ("sports") rating - a direct result of the slightly bigger pixels of an 18MP sensor, as opposed to a 22MP sensor, plus maybe a little cleaner associated electronics. That's it. I don't, however, wish to leave the impression that I think the DXO rating of Canon's sensor makes a heck of a lot of difference to any but a tiny fraction of potential users. Except to do the drearily repeated "parlor trick" so loved by Sonikon boosters on this forum of turning up the shadows of a low ISO image by 4 to 7 f/stops, the need for the advantages of the Sonikon sensors, mainly limited to low ISO ISO DR, is not very great. It's not that I wouldn't welcome that capability as a positive change in future Canon sensors, but it is a matter of realistic perspective as to just how critical it is to the ability of the camera to deliver first rate pictures in the hands of a competent professional or advanced amateur, the target market for the 1Dx.

As Mr. Kruse so ably pointed out, the comparative advantage of low ISO high DR has a quite limited and narrow window for its application. And outside that window, the image quality delivered by the 1Dx at least matches or exceeds that of the D4 - its real competition - as judged by most independent testers using the actual camera rather than just testing its sensor. And the same judgment has been made to the very slight favor of the 1Dx by the majority of those real world testers as to the shutter fps and autofocus performance of the camera in almost all circumstances, including sports action, its raison d'etre. Therefore, unless you plan to buy just a sensor and put it in a camera of your own design, or if you fall into the real, but extremely small category of those to whom the better low ISO DR would be essential, then there is no objective reason not to judge the 1Dx to be actuallyy slightly superior to the eqivalent Nikon camera.

All this is just a long and detailed way to say that DXO's measurements, where they are not factored by their own subjective weighting, but by just simple measurement, do not show anything to justify its completely subjective evaluations of its own data that reward the Sonikon cameras well in excess of any real world difference in their photographic capabilities or image quality results. In short, DXO's results are interesting but hardly dispositive when considering what camera can best do the job for you. Meh!



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