Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

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John King
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Re: It is the direct flash...

olyflyer wrote:

...showing false detail. Very harsh, I always try to avoid doing this.

There is no "false detail" in that image, perhaps it is your monitor, or your eyesight? I have just replaced the monitor on my wife's computer with a pro-grade, 10 bit IPS panel because her other one was showing "false detail" in images. Actually, also a number of other faults too.

Perhaps you did not bother to load the original image? I find this to be essential since the changes in the forum s/w.

Perhaps you do not understand how to use these lighting techniques involved in exposing for dual light sources?

Perhaps you also do not understand how to use studio lighting to avoid the "false detail" that one gets with much "natural lighting"? I have a studio light setup with scoops, light tents and gobos specifically for avoiding these issues ...

I prefer to use natural light for photographing many things. However, one cannot achieve the control over foreground and background exposure as easily as one can when using artificial light sources, either direct or off-camera flash or studio strobes/lights.

Might I suggest you get hold of a good text on the subject such as "Light: Science and Magic" and inform yourself about these techniques?

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