A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

sensibill wrote:

The A65 produces more noise in OOC RAW at high ISO.

Hi Sensibill, I own an A55 and have investigated the possibility of upgrading to an A77. As far as high ISO image quality goes, I was told on this forum that, if an A77 image is downscaled to the same size as an A55 image, the image quality of both is roughly equal.

This would imply that, if you don't downscale the A77 high ISO image, it must be noisier than the A55 image -- is that correct?

So, the image width of an A55 image is 4912 pixels compared with 6000 pixels for the A77. Let's say the maximum print width that I am happy with from the A55 is 33 inches, then on the same basis you should be able to get an acceptable print width of 40 inches from the A77.

For an identical image taken at the same time with the same lens etc etc, I would expect the 40 inch A77 print to show more noise than the 33 inch A55 print, is that your understanding?

But, if I were to limit the print size of the A77 image to 33 inches, would you agree that it shouldn't look any noisier than the comparable 33 inch A55 print?




Pixel size, reach etc of the A77 compared with the A99

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