My new x100 - I thought they fixed the MF?

Started Oct 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: My new x100 - I thought they fixed the MF?

pedalingnowhere wrote:

mainger wrote:

Full MF on the X100 sucks. They can't/wont't fix it.

I wonder if they actually could fix it with Firmware? Evidently they did on the x-pro1...

The X-Pro is significantly different to the X100 when it comes to its manual focus. If you do some reading you will find out that the X100 uses an optical system to determine the movement of the manual focus adjustment. That systems sensitivity is directly related to ambient light. The X-Pro uses an electronic linkage that directly translates movement to the camera.

In any case I don't think you will see any FW improvement to the MF on the X100 it is what it is...

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