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+1 on Corel Aftershot Pro and Paintshop Pro Ultimate

I agree with Jim here. I use windows version of Aftershot, they do have some plugins, they are bonus after you register, it is a great program for all the reasons he listed.

Paintshop Pro Ultimate has 3rd party filters

  • REALLUSION® FaceFilter Studio 2.0 portrait enhancement tools
  • NIK® Color Efex Pro™ 3.0 filters

and all the standard adobe photoshop filters.

Paintshop pro is like Adobe photoshop, it does work with Raw images as well, has layers, it will even import Adobe files retaining layers (though some filters do not translate). Link to Paintshop

Think of Aftershot pro is similar to Lightroom

Paintshop Pro is similar to Adobe Photoshop.

The difference being price, Paintshop Pro Ultimate 79 dollars and Aftershot 59 dollars. I would wait until they go on sale though.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

For most things, Corel AfterShot Pro is probably all you need. It's similar to Adobe Lightroom for Image Management and Raw Conversion Purposes. Just download it, install it, and it will work for 30 days without buying it. Then, if you decide you like it, just purchase it and plug in the License Key (no need to reinstall it).

Here'a a webinar that goes into a lot of it's features:

If you go forward to around 30 minutes into the webinar, you'll see some examples using adjustment layers and regions.

But,all of the edits you make are non-destructive in Aftershot Pro (as that seems like something you're concerned about).

It's not as sophisticated as a product like Photoshop. But, it does what I'd normally do with an image, and it's image browsing/management features are really great (and it's a very fast product). Nothing really comes close to it's speed when browsing folders of raw files, with good tools for rating images, etc (making it really nice for selecting keepers). It's very similar to Lightroom in that area (only it's faster and has support for features like adjustment layers).

You may want to look at Lightroom, too. Adobe has trial that you can test drive:

But, personally, I like AfterShot Pro, as it can do some things like work with files without importing them into a Catalog first (although it does have nice cataloging features), with adjustment layers and more. Because Corel AfterShot Pro is cross platform (and I use Linux most of the time), that's a big plus for me, too.

Again, I have no recent experience with PSP (Paintshop Pro), but it may also be worth a look for more advanced editing features. Just keep in mind that the two product lines (Paintshop Pro, AfterShot Pro), have very little in common (since AfterShot Pro is basically a rebranded Bibble Pro since Corel acquired Bibble Labs).

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