The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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To All: regarding my second body with only 1 shutter actuation

My dealer exchanged my first body a few days ago. After picking up the second body I took only 1 test shot to see what the condition was from the factory. The new body had 5 oil spots right out of the box. This is a vast improvement over the first one, which was littered with oil spots PLUS 2 large obvious paint chips that looked like hard edged with flat sides and pure pitch black (so obviously not dust or oil). Darn I wish I had kept those test shots. In another forum I explained how I continously blew, brushed, wet cleaned until the sensor was spotless. Then fired off 10 frames with the camera upside down and then recorded another reference frame. I couldn't shoot 10 frames on a squeaky clean sensor without picking up new spots. I finally went out to shoot in the afternoon and picked up about 39 significant spots after 125 shots.

Does anyone have any requests or suggestions how to document the sensor from this second body with only 1 shutter actuation?

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