Canon. 100-400 L. good, bad or mediocre?

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Re: Question for Blaine

Antonio_2 wrote:

I took a look at the whole gallery of yours, really fantastic pics well taken and beautiful nature of Alaska (I suppose)

I wanted to ask which lens are you using on the 7d when exif says 15mm, it's very sharp, I was wondering if it was the 15-85 or a 10-22 or something else. Also are all the 400mm shots taken with 100-400 or you have a 400mm prime? Unfortunately exif just says FL but not lens model. Ok maybe it's easier if you list the whole lens set you have

Thanks very much. That was the EF-S 15-85. Fantastic lens. And yes, the nature shots are mostly Alaska, although a few were taken in Florida and elsewhere. And all 400mm shots were with the 100-400L.

Recently went full frame though, and just sold my 7D and 15-85. Was very sorry to part with both, but used the money to fund the purchase of a new 24-70 f/2.8L II, which is shaping up to be very nice indeed. The most recent pics in my gallery--mostly of the Mendenhall Glacier--were taken with the 24-70 II.

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