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Re: Wolgang Tillmans: Shiny Shorts

Hi Raaj,

I think it's about consistency... there are probably a lot less one-hit-wonder in the fine art world. The artists has to prove again and again that they can consistently produce the same quality of result. If your son is able to consistently see "something" in a scene that are appreciated by others and take a photo of it, then I don't know what I would call it if not "natural talent".

Maybe someone has taken an image similar to the shiny shorts with their iphone, but that can be just luck. It's hard for us to imagine that Tillman actually took the photo knowing exactly what/how/why he was doing, but he proved it by showing other works of the same quality. I feel the same way when studying literature and hear people talk about all the symbolism and etc that I did not see. And to me, that when something is elevated to become fine art; not because other people say it's so, but because the piece begins to take on more than just one layer of existence, and the creator meant to do so.

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