A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

sensibill wrote:

Aside from your extremely insulting and near-abusive language, I find it hilarious that *I* am now the one making the issue convoluted - something as simple as noting that OOC RAW FROM THE A65 IS NOISIER AT HIGH ISO.

Which is a lie.

Yes. A lie. At this point I have explained I don't know how many times that noise and chroma noise are not the same thing. And the A57 and the A65 have the exact same signal to noise ratio.

That is, they have the exact same amount of noise.

Exact same.

No matter how convoluted you make it with links to various stages of processed images left and right the fact remains. There is no difference in noise levels of the images. Only in kinds of noise.

You drag in everything but the kitchen sink in an effort to justify your total dismissal of DPR testing

Not only DPR testing; any testing which does not control its variables. There it nothing special about DPR testing. They're uncontrolled and need to be treated as such - that is, any detailed comparison made from DPR test data is worse than useless, it is guaranteed to be misleading in some way.

(why you bother posting here when the site is founded in lies is beyond me)

Bad science methodology is just a mistake. Using known to be bad data to prove points is lies.

and other data but I am somehow the one not getting it, ignorant, changing the subject or whatever else.

Changing the subject? You're quick at saying "that is irrelevant" as soon as one of your arguments is countered, but you must be mixing me up with someone else on that one.

Not getting it and ignorant, yep, you're guilty of that to quite an extent, on very basic things such as how sensors work and what noise is. But I'm trying to teach you. Yes, I'm arrogant, but I earned it.

The A65 produces more noise in OOC RAW at high ISO.

Incorrect. SNR comparison shows the A57 and A65 have identical amounts of noise in OOC RAW at high ISO. Different noise, but the same total amount.

And now your snide comment about how I don't get it.

Yup. You don't get it.


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