Another post about the mirrorless market

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Re: Another post about the mirrorless market

Andrewteee wrote:

Those are all low end models. Higher end models like the Ricohs should not be expected to appear in the top 10 list. That should be the case in almost any market. The E-M5, Nex 7... those are also popular but not in the list either.

That is definitely a good point. Just look at Fuji! I forgot all about them but if you look at the graphs in the Japanese report you see that they barely show up at all despite selling really well. It is the grey line at the bottom barely above the zero line. Maybe that will change now that the X-E1 hit the shelves. I asked about the Xpro1 in the local shop a few weeks ago just to try one out. They where all sold out, the last three went earlier the same day and they didn't expect any new shipments to last long. Still barely noticeable in the statistics.
Pentax/Ricoh seem to have about 7-8% and most of that is the Q.

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