A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

Not a controlled a comparison like DPR, IR or DxO and not really useful for a baseline comparison of OOC RAW.

Could you please list the variables which are controlled in the DPR tests, their allowed span, and the method used to verify they are within that span?

I keep getting talked down by theswede and philco because DPR has exposure variables in their images

No you're not. Once again you show you're only regurgitating your determined stance and have no idea what arguments are actually made against you on even the most basic things.

You keep getting "talked down" on the DPR comparison shots because they are uncontrolled in focus plane, white balance, in camera settings, light levels and exposure.

Not merely exposure.

There are simply too many variables to get anything useful at all on the pixel level out of DPR comparison shots. It's not because exposure alone is uncontrolled they have a problem. It's because there is no tolerance limit given on any variables.

Not a single one.

but I've nodoubt they'll heartily agree with your assessment regardless of how you reached it.

There are wrong and right ways to reach an assessment. A blind test is a right way.

For the record, I am not saying one sensor or camera is better than the other

Yes, you are. You keep hammering that chroma noise as if it's magically worse than other kinds of signal degradation.

but the fact that the A65 produces more chroma noise at high ISO is not really debatable.

And also not really relevant. Chroma noise is the easiest kind of noise to deal with and vastly preferable to most other kinds of signal loss.

Where the discussion becomes convoluted is when we start factoring in theoretical processing and myriad requirements for varied photographers.

Which is what happens when someone brings in subjective evaluation.

In other words, you are the one who made it convoluted.


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