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absentaneous wrote:

RaajS wrote:

Great! Let's hear your conceptual interpretation of those two images. I'd love to be educated.

no problem. I will pick the first image. I guess what you see are objects such as people, tree, houses etc.? these are basically all visual elements that function as parts used to construct an idea. now observe how these elements are constructed horizontally. you have this first element right in the bottom which starts the image. it only takes a small potion of the image and then right after it there is another element that works as a line. now I can bet anything that this is no coincidence and the guy who took the picture "saw it". then you have another element that basically works as a rectangle. then another horizontal rectangle (that part on which kids play). and then three more after it. after that it comes the water part which is again just another visual element in this constitution followed by the element that is formed from the houses and finally there is the sky. now try to visualize this construction I pointed to you and you'll get the idea what the photographer actually saw. what he basically saw was a visual design that serves as the basis. and it basically looks like this:

this is the basic composition. and this basic composition is then "upgraded" or "challenged" by the tree and the kids playing. but again these are just visual elements that interact with the basic design in the way that they kind of deconstruct it. they kind of affect its logic by going against it. and this visual disturbance between these elements is the idea behind the image. it's basically a geometrical construction that expresses some tension between its elements. it's not so much a photograph as it is a design. like something like this:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, for the explanation.  I feel richer for understanding it.  I'm afraid any sort of explanation will fall on deaf ears to those who won't appreciate it.  I also think that if the artists were a bit more willing to explain this type of stuff, then more people would enjoy it and save a lot of typing

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