Replacement for Canon MP970

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Re: Replacement for Canon MP970

Sammy Yousef wrote:

My Canon MP970 Multi-Function appears to have died. Looks like the power supply from what I can tell. No lights nothing. Parts will be hard to get and there's no guarantee it's not one of the boards. Unfortunately like most things these days not made to last. I'll look into fixing it but realistically it's time to let it go.

Can anyone recommend a solid replacement? It got sporadic use and was used almost exclusively to print full colour A4 images, mostly for framing, occasionally for laminating or putting in A4 plastic sleeves. Being a 7 colour printer, skin tones were good, it was reasonably fast and reliable. On the other hand I had to lighten everything to print (I am not working in a colour managed environment, and from that I could tell when I tried doing it without tools, the printer was as off as my monitors).

I'd like to keep the budget under $500. I'd also like to run a continuous ink system and would spend an extra $100-$200 on that. I have another multi-function for scanning and photocopying, so a photo printer would suffice.

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Not to be sarcastic -- but probably have not within 7 hours.  Give them time to respond

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